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Under the Same Sky (6), 2009
Black ink, ink jet print
Cm 61x468 - 24"x184.2"

Courtesy Galleria Giorgio Persano, Torino (Italy)


LR In Under the Same Sky, the landscape is composed of photographs of Turin, Morocco and Romania (since the largest number of immigrants in the Turin area come from there) which I found on the internet and pulled to form a unique, surreal landscape composed of snapshots taken in different places, times and by different people

BM Does using photographic material from the web make you curious to see the world through the eyes, desires, experiences and anxieties of people unknown to you and to see this desire to tell, or are backgrounds on which to compose your thoughts?

LR The web has become a huge source of information, accessible to all; often before we travel, we try to imagine what we will find at destination, projecting our expectations on the images we see. But those photos that we bear mentally for a place in which we are not present physically, are clearly the fruit of someone else’s experience, and our way of seeing them has to do with our own experience and what we are.
From this, I have thought to create a dialogue between the photos and my drawings to arrive at a story without words  that I hope will expand in front of the eyes and the imagination of the observer. Without beginning and without end, without order and without direction, the story is open, and lets the reader interact to create its own.

From the conversation between Beatrice Merz and Luisa Rabbia, published in Luisa Rabbia. Traveling Under the Same Sky, Hopefulmonster, Torino, June 2010, (Italian/English) pp. 132-33.

Photo Credits from the left:
Maurizio Fortunato
Cristi Radu
Henry Leong Him Woh
Cristi Radu
Mauro Cociglio
Irinuca Popii
Maurizio Fortunato